Articles on Windows related technologies (server configuration, performance, Active Directory and similar). The most recent posts are on the top.

Password strength part 1

The first part of eight planned articles on password strength.

MS16-072 breaks Group Policy

The hotfix changes fundemantal rules of permissions on GPO.

Windows DHCP audit logging paused

How to solve a problem with DHCP logging.

Quickly access the network settings through ncpa.cpl

The best way to reach the network card settings in Windows.

Windows Server 2012 Active Directory installation

The new way to install a Domain Controller with the Dcpromo tool removed.

Verify Schema versions on all Domain Controllers

How to use a simple script to quickly find the Schema version on every DC in the domain.

Test Windows network performance with the Iperf tool

See the maximum network throughput for a Windows Server.

Windows Server 2012: the new Task Manager

Using the new Task Manager in Windows 2012 for easier performance troubleshooting.

Using Performance Monitor effectively

How to use the Perfmon tool to troubleshoot Windows server performance.

Counting lines in Windows command prompt

How to count output lines from Windows CMD.

All PDC Emulator functions

The most complete list of PDC Emulator roles available.

Verify redirected Computers container in Active Directory

How to see the default location for new joined domain computer accounts.

Safely erase old data with builtin Windows tools

How to do multiple overwrites of old partitions in Windows.

Windows Performance Monitor and Disk IO usage

How to use Performance Monitor to study disk performance, storage latency and IO sizes.

When to offline defrag the Active Directory database

Check the amount of reclaimable storage in ntds.dit.

Hide containers in Active Directory

Visually remove not necessary AD containers from the default view.

Windows drive format options

The difference between the Format behavior in Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Restricted Groups for policy based Delegation

How to delegate administrative access in a safe and scalable way using Group Policy.

Windows 7 and 2008 R2 Memory Counters in Task Manager

What the memory counters in Task Manager really means and which are important.