Quickly access the network settings through ncpa.cpl

By | June 3, 2014

A short blog post, but with a quick tip I have been using for many years. I often find myself in the Command Prompt looking at TCP/IP properties through ipconfig.exe and then need to edit these settings at the network adapter.

The way to open these properties seems to both change in every new Windows Server version and also get more and more complicated with dozens of mouse clicks through various Network and Sharing Center and similar views.


The quickest way to go directly to the network adapters is the command:


This works from both the command prompt and also from the “Run” line, and is available in all versions of Windows, back to Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, as well as all new versions available today including Windows 2012.

(It is also possible to use the command “ip” from the Run shell, but that does not work from the command prompt and is also only available in new Windows.)

By learning the name of the Control Panel applet “ncpa.cpl” it is always easy and works everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Quickly access the network settings through ncpa.cpl

  1. Eckhard Dienst

    If I want to go online I start ncpa.cpl and a lot of WEB-services by means of a a batch file. Ncpa.cpl only to check if the connection to my rooter is ok..
    After my internet actions are done I stop all WEB-services for security reasons.
    Only the ncpa.cpl window stays open and until now I didn’t find a way to terminate the ncpa.cpl window within my batch file.
    Please can you help me ?
    If yes, thanks in advance
    Kind regards
    Eckhard Dienst

    1. Rickard Nobel Post author

      Hello Eckhard,

      do I understand your question as you wish to – from a batch file – terminate the ncpa.cpl window?

        1. Oga

          old threat, it should be possible if you kill the process..dont kill the service tho

  2. Erich Wehrhahn

    How can be the ” Status” window opened with some parameter in the cmd command line
    ncpa.cpl admin=enabled …

    Thankyou for your answer.


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